.The Night Watchman

Tenor saxophone, clarinet, flute and composition.
Artist – www.susanlynch.co.uk/

Sue Lynch  runs ‘The Horse Improvised Music Club’ with Adam Bohman and Hutch Demouilpied. www.horseimprovclub.wordpress.com/.Since 2014, The horse has been based at IKLECTIK Art Lab, so this and other projects have been in conjunction with Eduard Solaz.
Lynch is currently a member of David Petts-‘Remote Viewers’,with John Edwards, Mark Sanders, Caroline Kraabel , Adrian Northover and David Petts. She also performs with Adam Bohman, Eddie Prevost,Hutch Demouilpied,Richard Sanderson,Steve Noble and Sharon Gal.
Sue Lynch is organiser and arranger for Hogcallin’ a Mingus tribute ensemble, performing at the London 2016 Jazz Festival.

In 2015 she performed with Maria Vatentina’s opera ‘Mannequin’.
She has recently performed as part of Tarek Atoui’s ‘Reverse Collection’ at The Tate Modern.She is performing with the Sudanese fusion band ‘The Scorpios’.
Sue Lynch is currently one of the featured musicians in Julie Kjaer’s Interviews with Female Musicians  on The London Improv Scene for The British Music Collection

Upcoming Dates.
Saturday 14th January-Cafe Oto with The Scorpios-music from The Sudan.
Tues 7th February-The Custodian’s of The Realm with Adam Bohman, Sue Lynch, Adrian Northover at Andrew Woodhead’s ‘Fizzle’ club, Birmingham.
Saturday 11th February-A concert Of Improvised Music, with Richard Sanderson,James O’Sullivan,Daniel Thompson, Charlotte Keefe, Diego Sampieri,Ben Brown, Adrian Northover.
Saturday 18th February-The Toulouse Lautrec in Kennington, with Helen McDonald’s Future Groove.
Sunday 26th February-Hogcallin’ at the Hootannany, Brixton-with John Edwards,Steve Noble, Helen McDonald,Dave Jago, Sarha Moore, Adrian Northover +Sue Lynch.
Saturday 11th March at Merton Arts Space, Wimbledon, with Phil Durrant, Phil Macguire, John Edwards, Richard Sanderson + Sue Lynch
Tues 14th March-Iklectik Art Lab, with Daniel Thompson +Crystabel Riley.

Previous dates.

Friday 14th October-The Sage,Gateshead ,Newcastle. The Tusk Festival, with Sudanese musicians-The Scorpios.
Tues 25th October at IKLECTIK Art Lab- with Tristan Honsinger , Joshua Zubot, Nicolas Caloia,Sue Lynch, Adam Bohman,Adrian Northover, Hutch Demouilpied.
Weds 26th October-Performing at L.I.M.E- Hyde Park Book Club.Leeds, with The Custodian’s Of The Realm.( Adam Bohman, Adrian Northover, Sue Lynch).
Sunday 20th November-Hogcallin’ as part of the London Jazz Festival with Helen McDonald, Sarha Moore, Adrian Northover, John Edwards, Mark Sanders, Vladimir Miller, Adrian Northover,Dave Jago + Sue Lynch 8.pm.Iclectik Art Lab.
Weds 2nd November-The Custodians of The Realm- Catford, with Adam Bohman, Adrian Northover, Marcello Maggliochi + Sue Lynch.
Saturday 3rd December-Mopomoso Xmas Festival.The Custodians of The Realm.
Sunday 4th December-duo with Ruth Marshall at Lewisham Arts Cafe, with Hannah Marshall, Rachel Musson, Jude Cowan Monague, Sharon Gal.
Weds 30th November-The Flim Flam Club, Stoke Newington Church Street, with Dawid Frydyk, Guillaume Viltard, Dave Fowler + Sue Lynch.
Tues 6th December-Trio with Daniel Thompson( guitar) and Crystabel Riley ( drums) + The Monk Trio-Edwards, Noble, Northover at The Horse Improvised Music Club, Iklectik Art Lab.
Weds 14th December-Eddie Prevost, Guillaime Viltard, Rachel Musson +Sue Lynch, at Iklectik Art Lab. London.
Thursday 15th December-The Remote Viewers, The Klinker Club. London.













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