.The Night Watchman

Tenor saxophone, clarinet, flute and composition.
Artist – www.susanlynch.co.uk/

Sue Lynch  runs ‘The Horse Improvised Music Club’ with Adam Bohman and Hutch Demouilpied. www.horseimprovclub.wordpress.com/.
Lynch is currently a member of David Petts-‘Remote Viewers’,with John Edwards, Mark Sanders, Caroline Kraabel , Adrian Northover and David Petts. She also performs with Adam Bohman, Eddie Prevost,Hutch Demouilpied,Richard Sanderson,Steve Noble and Sharon Gal.
Sue Lynch is organiser and arranger for Hogcallin’ a Mingus tribute ensemble, performing at the London 2016 Jazz Festival.In 2015 she performed with Maria Vatentina’s opera ‘Mannequin’.She has recently performed as part of Tarek Atoui’s ‘Reverse Collection’ at The Tate Modern.She is performing with the Psychadelic Afro Beat Sudanese band ‘The Scorpios’.Sue Lynch is currently one of the featured musicians in Julie Kjaer’s Interviews with Female Musicians  on The London Improv Scene for The British Music Collection

Upcoming Dates.
Friday 8th September-Sunday 10th September-Walter Wright’s X-Fest-Derbyshire.
Tues 12th September-The Horse Improvised Music Club, with Adam Bohman, Kate Ryder, Roger Redgate +Sue Lynch.
Sunday 15th September-The Horse Trio, with Richard Sanderson +Hutch Demouilpied at Lewisham Art’s Cafe, Manor Park.Hither Green.
Thursday 28th September-The Mosaic Rooms with The Scorpios.
Sunday 8th October-100 Year’s Gallery with Paula Garcia Stone,
Richard Sanderson+Catherine Pluygers.
Thurs 27th September-The Mosaic Rooms, Kensington, with The Scorpios.
Tues 17th October-The Horse at IKLECTIK with Anna Homler and Ruth Marshall.
Tuesday 24th October-‘Paradise Yard Ensemble’ at Cafe Oto.
Monday 6th November-The Boating.Trio with Adam Bohman/Hutch Demouilpied/Sue Lynch.
Saturday 2nd Dec-The Scorpios. Switzerland.
The IKLECTIK Horse Festival 26th-28th January 2018.


Previous gigs.

Tues 30th May-Hogcallin’ at The Vortex Jazz Club.
Weds 7th June-The Remote Viewers with Caroline Kraabel, Adrian Northover, David Petts-Catford Constitutional. Catford London.
Weds 14th June – Quartet for Time – with John Edwards, Dawid Frydyk,Dave Fowler.-IKlectik Art space.
Friday 23rd June-Cafe Oto with The Scorpios (music from The Sudan).
Saturday 8th July- – IKlectik’s Festival Sonic Waterloo-with Adam Bohman, Douglas Benford, Sharon Gal,Rie Nakajima, Sue Lynch.
Thursday 13th July-Hogcallin’ at DIY Space for London .Peckham.
Friday 21st July-Recyclart Brussels-the Scorpios (music from the Sudan).
Thursday 27th July-John Macedo’s Solo-Duo-Trio evening at Cafe Oto Workspace.
Friday 28th July-Port Eliot Festival with The Scorpios (Sudanese songs).
Friday 1st September-Helen McDonald’s Future Groove Derby Jazz Festival.
Saturday 2nd September-Gates 2017-Goldsmiths College Main Hall.













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