Photo by Gus Guissetti

Photo by Gus Guissetti

Sue Lynch-Tenor Saxophone,Flute, Clarinet and Composition.
Sue Lynch currently runs The Horse Music Club in South London, with Adam Bohman and Hutch Demouilpied. She studied Fine Art at Coventry College of Art. In the 1980’s she toured with The Happy End Big Band. She currently performs with Hogcallin’ ( with John Edwards,Steve Noble, Adrian Northover), ‘The Remote Viewers‘ ,’ The Horse Trio’ and ‘The Custodians of The Realm’. In 2015 she performed with Maria Vatentina’s opera ‘Mannequin.She has performed with The Cambodian Space Project (2015) and has recently performed at The Tate Modern as part of of Tarek Atoui’s ‘Reverse Collection’.She also performs with Adam Bohman, Eddie Prevost,Hutch Demouilpied,Richard Sanderson,Steve Noble and Sharon Gal.
Sue Lynch has recently been performing with an ensemble which she has formed called ‘Paradise Yard’, which features compositional elements using electronics, instrumentation and spoken word.

Has performed in Montreal Jazz Festival,Busara Festival Zanzibar (2011), Tusk Festival
(2016), Womad (2015),Guess Who Festival, Iklectik Art Lab, Cafe Oto, The Vortex Jazz Club.

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