CD/Vinyl Releases

Dial FMR Sleeve
2020-‘Dial’-John Edwards,Dave Fowler,Dawid Frydryk, Sue Lynch. FMR CD 558
Sue Lynch-tenor sax/clarinet/flute
Dawid Frydryk-trumpet/flugelhorn
Dave Fowler-drums.
John Edwards-double-bass.
Sue Lynch-tenor sax/clarinet/flute.
Sue Lynch currently curates  ‘The Horse Improvised Music Club’,in London, with Adam Bohman and Adrian Northover.
She is a member of The Custodians of The Realm, with Adam Bohman and Adrian Northover. She also performs with Eddie Prevost,Sharon Gal, Crystabel Riley, Daniel Thompson, Douglas Benford, Nuria Andorra +Anna Homler.
She  currently tours Europe with the Psychedelic Sudanese band ‘The Scorpios’, performing in this year’s Womad Festival and ‘The Guess Who Festival’in Utrecht. In 2016 she formed, ‘Paradise Yard’-an electro accoustic ensemble, performing at Iklectik, Cafe Oto and The ICA. In April 2018, she performed with Hildegard Kleeb, as part of the 3Klange Tag Festival in Switzerland.

Dawid Frydryk-Polish trumpet, flugelhorn player, composer. 

Frydryk studied at the Karol Lipiński Academy of Music in Wroclaw where he studied trumpet under Piotr Wojtasik.In 2011/2012  he was artistic director of the project called Art of Improvisation in Poland and worked with Gabriel Ferrandini and Hernani Faustino (Red Trio) and with musicians from Umlaut Records such as Joel Grip or Pierre Borel. He is currently based in London and has played with the likes of Louis Moholo, John Edwards, Mark Sanders, Steve Noble, Terry Day, Adam Bohman, Sue Lynch, Adrian Northover, Guillaume Viltard, Dave Fowler, The London Improvisers Orchestra among others. He is also a member of Psychedelic Sudanese band, The Scorpios.

John Edwards –double bass.
Edwards has always been involved with a wide diversity of musical styles and situations. A phenomenal double bass player, who works internationally, known for his work with Evan Parker, John Butcher and Paul Lovens. He also performs regularly with Marshall Allen (Sun Ra),Roscoe Mitchell, Joe McPhee, Mark Sanders.

Dave Fowler- drums.
Fowler has  performed with cult band ‘Gruntle’ with Caroline Kraabel, John Edwards and Adrian Northover. He has performed in ensembles with Maggie Nicols, Jim Dvorak, Elton Dean, Neil Metcalf, Phil Durrant and ‘Gong’ violinists Graham Clark. Currently performs with ‘Glowering Figs’ Ivor Kallin and Jerry Wigens and The London Improvisers Orchestra. Is a member of ‘Did We Dream It’, improvising ensemble, with Julia Doyle, Ruth Marshall and Nony Ardill.

2020-The Chemical Expansion League-with Ulf Mengersen,Adam Bohman, Sue Lynch, Adrian Northover.
Released on Creative Sources by Ernesto Rodrigues!!

D [FMRCD558]
2013-These Lamps- Mini CD with,Louise McFadden, Sharon Gal, Ruth Marshall, Jennifer Allum, Rosa Lynch-Northover and Hutch Demouilpied.
‘A fine album of pared down pieces from saxophonist Sue Lynch, issued earlier in the year on Linear Obsessional. It’s a short, focused record – an EP really – drawing on collaborations with various musicians with whom Lynch has been involved since starting monthly Horse Improvised Music Club in Lambeth back in 2012’………by Paul Margree.
The Custodians of The Realm-with Adam Bohman,Adrian Northover,Sue Lynch.
The Horse Trio-with Hutch Demouilpied (Trumpet/Flute), Richard Sanderson (Melodeon + Objects), Sue Lynch-Tenor sax/Flute.
The Remote Viewers  with John Edwards, Caroline Kraabel, David Petts, Adrian Northover + Sue Lynch

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