Dial FMR Sleeve
2020-‘Dial’-John Edwards,Dave Fowler,Dawid Frydryk, Sue Lynch. FMR CD 558
Sue Lynch-tenor sax/clarinet/flute
Dawid Frydryk-trumpet/flugelhorn
Dave Fowler-drums.
John Edwards-double-bass.
‘Sue Lynch is a talented saxophone player, she combines together soft flute’s whistles and relaxing tunes, expressive, moving and dynamic saxophone and emotional clarinet. These instruments make a contrasting and dynamic mood which is always in change. Hot growls, full blasts, dizzy passages, swingy lullabies, relaxing pieces, minimalistic samples, tremendous culminations of trumpet and remarkable elegant flugelhorn’s melodies are brought in the compositions by Dawid Frydryk.’ – Avant Scena
2020-Duos with Sue Lynch + Douglas Benford
2020-The Chemical Expansion League-with Ulf Mengersen,Adam Bohman, Sue Lynch, Adrian Northover.
Released on Creative Sources by Ernesto Rodrigues!!    Review by Ken Waxman.
D [FMRCD558]
2013-These Lamps- Mini CD with,Louise McFadden, Sharon Gal, Ruth Marshall,
Jennifer Allum, Rosa Lynch-Northover and Hutch Demouilpied
‘A fine album of pared down pieces from saxophonist Sue Lynch, issued earlier in the year on Linear Obsessional. It’s a short, focused record – an EP really – drawing on collaborations with various musicians with whom Lynch has been involved since starting monthly Horse Improvised Music Club in Lambeth back in 2012’………by Paul Margree.
The Custodians of The Realm-with Adam Bohman,Adrian Northover,Sue Lynch.

The Horse Trio-with Hutch Demouilpied (Trumpet/Flute),
Richard Sanderson (Melodeon + Objects), Sue Lynch-Tenor sax/Flute.

The Remote Viewers 
with John Edwards, Caroline Kraabel,
David Petts, Adrian Northover + Sue Lynch

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